Ceramic painting art,Tosaiga

Tosaiga, ceramic painting art, is based on the Arita ware techniques.
Their traditions and Kusaba’s creative idea and research bore fruits as Tosaiga,
 which releases a dazzling light with its unique and delicate hues, gloss, sparkles, and plastic impression.



Artist Kazuhisa Kusaba

Thanks to the decades of trial and error to realize more beautiful hues and shines,
Kusaba successfully reached a ceramic color expression that surpasses the convention of Arita ware.
He has established the incomparable new art form Tosaiga,
which needs to repeat glaze painting and firing more than ten times for a piece.
With motifs mainly from “Ryu (Chinese dragon),” “myth,” “bodhisattva,” and so on,
he continues to create splendid art full of sparkles admired as miraculous.


Poem for the piece

The poem, a part of the art
would whispe
the essence of Tosaiga.

Miroku Bosatsu

Miroku Bosatsu

Miroku Bosatsu has come down to tell us that
There is no good or evil,
everything is just alive and connected as one
Even if we look like individuals, we are actually whole
This world exists beyond all space and time
connected to one
When someone thinks of something, the world also responds
Thus, full affirmation is the way of the wise man.

Ogon no Ryu

Ogon no Ryu

When you unleash
the sparkle of your life,
When you clear your doubts
and challenge your false self
That is free and comes from heaven,
It’s the golden dragon(Ōgon no Ryū)



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