Thanks to all of you, we celebrated the 33rd anniversary of Tosaiga.



33 years ago, most ceramic artists told me that it was ‘impossible and reckless’ about the concept of Tosaiga.
In such a situation, there was only one craftman who was interested in it what I was trying to do and I was able to start my attempts.
However, at that time, I would have never thought that it would take more than 20 years to establish Tosaiga.

After I repeated countless try and error, I barely am here now today with my life.
It is just like yesterday that I was telling myself, “It’s gonna be alright.” as I was selling my works on the street for 7 years.

I can be where I am today thanks to the support of everyone of you (including my staffs).
Without your encouragement, “Tosaiga” would not have appeared in this world.
Thank you very much.

Needless to say, the research has deepened and techniques have improved significantly compared to the past.
Whether it’s color or material, the choices have increased and it should have been more “flexible”, however, now I am feeling crippled.
It looks just like circumstances in the world where the material things overflow and the sense of wealth has become uncertain.
What is freedom… I feel like I was forced to face the question through Tosaiga.

It is more what kind of thoughts you draw with,not how you draw.
I keep such a thing in my mind once again.

I think If you follow the deep of a person’s mind, you will find something common each other even if each person has a different personality, environment, and circumstances.
There can be love like “core” and understandings in the place where you seek deeper in the mind.
People may call it a soul.
I want to continue to create works that can touch the core and awaken it.

As I looking forward to the 50-year anniversary works in the future … With an endless gratitude.