What is Tosaiga


What is Tosaiga

In a word, Tosaiga is a ceramic painting using methods which are used in Arita Porcelain.

The artist Kazuhisa Kusaba started this way of art wanting to create a beautiful work full of vividness and brilliance on the theme of “LIFE”.
Based on 400-year-old tradition of Arita Porcelain, more than 30 years of research and trial and error have resulted in a unique expression technique that sublimates the artist’s commitment to ideas and colors.

Tosaiga is separated from general ceramic paintings (transcribed drawings on ceramic plates), and is fired after each glaze without using transfer techniques on a white ceramic plate.
A single work needs more than ten kilnings after each glaze to complete.
In conventional Arita Porcelain, painting and firing could only be done up to about four times, so his attempt was so groundbreaking that it was initially said to be reckless by other Arita Porcelain craftsmen.
Also, pottery is also a literal chemical reaction in which minerals can blend together in a kiln.
Depending on the glaze, the temperature suitable for firing and the number of times it can withstand tempering also varies.
He continued refining the process until he got the color he wanted.
“Imagine Blue”, is a color that he created for Tosaiga with being attracted by Arita Porcelain Ruri color, is the most extreme.
As a relatively recent attempt, he recreated Persian Lusterware painting method praised as phantom brilliance that changes to seven colors, and the silverization phenomenon of Roman glass from ancient Rome.
He continues to cultivate his skill and to research through his production to seek for further brilliance.

However, Tosaiga is not all about technology.
No matter how painstakingly and patiently you paint, prepare a calculated glaze or control the firing temperature, the process of kilning is literally to “entrust everything to fire”.
As a result of entrusting it to a furnace beyond your control, there are many paintings that are dusted without appearing before people’s sights due to their unexpected results.
On the other hand, there are also some works result in wonderful paintings which far surpass the artist’s thoughts and imaginations.
Kilning is the very thing of letting go of your obsession to entrust yourself to the reason of nature.
The color that is born from each melting glaze in the kiln is truly a miracle.
The same color will never be born again.
No one work is the same.

The one-of-a-kind Tosaiga that have been made in this way will continue to shine forever without fading.