Kusaba Kazuhisa Koubou regularly holds Tosaiga exhibitions.
Tosaiga is a special art of ceramic painting that shows different hues and sparkles depending on the viewing angle and the light.
Enjoy their unique beauty that can be seen only on the spot.

Kusaba Kazuhisa Tosaiga Exhibition in 2023


DateOct 4th[Wed]~9th[Mon],2023
Time10:30~18:00 The final day is until 5:00 PM.
VenueNadya Par F4
3-18-1 Sakae, Naka-ku, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture
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Admission feeFree


DateNov 3rd[Fri]~12th[Sun],2023
Time10:30~18:00 The final day is until 5:00 PM.
VenueImagine & Design
2-6-12, Chuo-ku, Minamisenba,Osaka Prefecture
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Admission feeFree


DateDec 10th[Sun]~17th[Sun],2023
TimeIt will be announced soon. 
6-14-5 Jingumae, Shibuya City, Tokyo
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Admission feeFree

– Past Exhibition Events and Artist Interviews –

Unprecedented! Appreciate Tosaiga with an Umbrella, “Kusaba Kazuhisa Tosaiga Exhibition”

– Exhibition took place in 2021 during the COVID-19 pandemic –

What can art do? What can we do?…
Our exhibitions during the COVID-19 pandemic became good occasions to ask people and ourselves what art is.

In Nagoya and Osaka, we held unique exhibitions where we asked people to use umbrellas during their appreciation to keep a social distance from others.
We did not want to be overwhelmed even though we were in a difficult situation like never before.
Rather, we believed that it was time that we should give people meaningful and alluring art experiences while maintaining a safe distance from others.
Our hope came to fruition, and the events had great achievement with many visitors and media coverage.
They became good examples of a new style of exhibition that successfully demonstrated the significance and importance of art during the pandemic.

We also held an exhibition in Ginza, Tokyo, using almost a whole building which seemed even like a ruin due to the withdrawal of stores under the COVID depression, to display Tosaiga pieces in dimly‐lit rooms with concrete and pipes exposed.
Ginza was a symbolic city that had been severely affected by the COVID disaster.
The glamorous townscape has undergone a drastic transformation as the number of vacant tenants increased due to the pandemic recession.
Instead of rearranging the miserable space into a gorgeous location appropriate to the art exhibit, we thought that the more suitable for the art now should be to accept and utilize reality.
In other words, what we believed appropriate in this hardship was an exhibition so powerful and vital as to break through the bare concrete and sprout out buds.
And thus we exhibited such dynamic large-scale works to symbolize “resurrection.”
May the powerful first cry, the joy of vitality, resound throughout the world.
Like a warm light, may it reach the depths of the anguished heart.
Like a small flower that sprouts in the frozen ground, may it comfort people and give them smiles.
This exhibition based on these thoughts and prayers let Tosaiga shine even more than usual in the cold and gray concrete and asked ourselves what and how we should face in the future.

Kusaba Kazuhisa Koubou, Ltd.

◎A video of the artist interview at the Ginza exhibition 2021

《History of media coverage of this exhibition》
– Reuters communication
– Mainichi Shimbun
– Chunichi Shimbun
– Tokai Television
– Nippon TV “news zero” “ZIP!” etc.

◎ This exhibition was covered by overseas media as well.
The event was picked up by 25 broadcasting stations in the United States and 19 broadcasting stations in other countries.
Example: – RECORD TV, Jornal da Record (Golden time news program)
Broadcast area: All of Brazil
Broadcast date: Saturday, December 11th, 2021

*You can watch the actual broadcast program in the YouTube video below. (1:16:29~)

Other Recent Exhibitions

■ Tokyo
  • At Ginza Kanematsu Hall
  • 2018 (April)

  • At Ginza Seigetsudo Building
  • 2017 (March and November) / 2018 (July and November) / 2019 (June and December) / 2020 (March) / 2021 (December)

    ■ Kyoto
  • At World Heritage To-ji Temple
  • 2016 (June) / 2017 (April-June) / 2018 (April-July) / 2019 (April-June) / 2023 (Mar-May)
    * Cumulative number of visitors in 2019 (April-June) : Approximately 100,000

    《Media Coverage》
     Discover Japan, Chugai Nippoh, Kyoto Shimbun, Nihon Keizai Shimbun, go baaan, etc.

    ■ Osaka
  • At Imagine & Design
  • 2017 (October) / 2018 (November) / 2019 (November) / 2021 (November)

    ■ Nagoya
  • At Nadya Park
  • 2016 (November) / 2017 (March and October) / 2018 (March and October) / 2019 (March) / 2020 (February) / 2021 (October)

    Photos of the Past Exhibitions


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