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TOSAIGA is a new art form of ceramic painting utilizing the Arita-yaki, or Arita ware techniques.
It started from the artist Kusaba’s passion and desire to create beautiful art with vivid and delicate hues, glosses, and sparkles on the theme of “life”. Based on Arita-yaki’s 400-year history of tradition, he realized the unique expression through over 30 years of untiring trial and error with delicate research on glazes. Click here for more

Artist Kazuhisa Kusaba
Kusaba was born in Saga Prefecture in 1960.
From an early age, he grew up with a strong interest in “life” such as animals and nature. Kusaba, who found great joy in creation and expression, entered the College of Art at Nihon University to take the Theatre Course only to realize that what was truly necessary for him was not the artistic technique but experiences that could give him profundity and wisdom to vivify his arts. He left the college and became a backpacker to spend almost 4 years traveling mainly around Asia.The trip allowed him to look at ordinary things from a different perspective rather than an occasion to learn something new. The simple fact that we all are living repeatedly struck him and finally made him decide to be an artist to express “sparkles of life.” Click here for more

Kusaba Kazuhisa Koubou,Ltd. regularly holds TOSAIGA exhibitions.

TOSAIGA is a special art of ceramic painting that shows different hues and sparkles depending on the viewing angle and the light.

TOSAIGA Exhibition 2024

-Kyoto- World heritage Tō-ji Temple *The end of the session

DateMarch 16th[Sat] to May 11th[Sat]
VenueTo-ji Temple (Kyo-o-gokoku-ji Temple)
Kujo-cho 1, Minami-ku, Kyoto, JAPAN
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Admission feeFree

Photos from the exhibition in Tokyo Omotesando in 2023

-Tokyo- *The end of the session

DateDec 10th[Sun]~17th[Sun],2023
Time10:00~18:00 The final day is until 5:00 PM. 
6-14-5 Jingumae, Shibuya City, Tokyo
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Admission feeFree

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    ■ Kyoto
  • At World Heritage To-ji Temple
  • 2016 (June) / 2017 (April-June) / 2018 (April-July) / 2019 (April-June) / 2023 (Mar-May)
    * Cumulative number of visitors in 2019 (April-June) : Approximately 100,000

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