To the press and whom it may concern, about the interview request and the usage of our images/videos


To the press and whom it may concern.
Contact us through the inquiry form on our official website when you would like to:
– Interview the artist Kazuhisa Kusaba (or our company Kusaba Kazuhisa Koubou, Ltd.)
– Use our images/videos for your media, publication, and such
*Ensure you clarify the purpose and reason when you inquire above.

About media request
– Be sure to contact us not by telephone but through the inquiry form.
– It may take some time to respond depending on your request.
– If you would like to interview us, the contact needs to be well in advance of the schedule.
– We may decline the interview request depending on the contents and date of the interview.
– When the interview article is published, please send the book, newspaper, or magazine that contains the article.
About the usage of our images and videos
– Refrain from reprinting or diverting our property (art pieces, products, and their images/videos). In particular, we strictly prohibit commercial use such as announcements and advertisements.
– Legal action may be taken toward the not-allowed usage of our property, especially when its purpose is commercial.

If you have any questions, contact us through the inquiry form.
To the inquiry form

Kusaba Kazuhisa Koubou