Introduction of the work “Fuji-goe no Ryu”

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For a long time, I was desperate to climb up, and then I didn’t think about where to aim or how to come down.

We were just required to keep chasing our “purpose”, and whether it was suitable to how the world should be or whether we would truly enrich our lives was secondary.

It is all about the purposes and we are not allowed to ask our hearts.

We might be forced to face such a question now including taking some rest.

By the way, “Fuji-goe no Unryu” was produced as a symbol of our precious spiritual sense.

For example, the clean mind (purification of the heart).

Since ancient times, we have sought clarity of mind more than anything when we deeply wanted to love, respect and harmonize with nature (gods and great powers).

The splendid beauty of holy Mt.Fuji (the purity of the heart entrusted to it).
There is no hasisate in the dragon which is about to go beyond Mt. Fuji.
How calm and how wonderful!

Economic growth has also embodied wealth as form of daily life.

That also has resulted in creating prejudices of wealth as visible things.

But we have not lost what is truly important (spiritual richness).

At one time, it may have been misjudged, but there is certainly something in us that continues to flow.

You can feel it. It’s time to remember something.

The great things that have connected life are still watching over us and encouraging us.
The figure of the dragon beyond Fuji is the figure of “my heart”.

It is our strength not to be afraid, not to give in, and to live.

Now, let’s be brave and walk together.



May 22, 2021 The latest embossed lithograph, “Fuji-goe no Ryu” is now available!
You can place an order at the official online store or at Saga Kusaba Studio☆

The latest embossed lithograph, “Fuji-goe no Ryu” is available for purchase here.
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