Introduction of work “Amatsu-kaze”

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Amatsu-kaze (wind in the sky)

Reviving Goddess, Kukuri-hime


The god who appears in “Nihon-Shoki (Chronicles of Japan)” at the same time as Izanagi and Izanami who bore the nation, is Kikuri-hime. And there is only one sentence about her in the book, which is, she abritates the fight between Izanagi and Izanami in Yomi-no-kuni(country for the dead).

She does not appear in the book after that, but her being there means that she is an old god who came in the same era as Izanagi and Izanami.

I think that she was probably an earthly god who was in Japan before Amaterasu Omikami was born.

“Kukuru” means to tie, so I guess she was a god who connects life.

Kukuri-hime was also one of the goddesses who disappeared quietly in the name of progress and civilization from the history of those in power.

Now the time has changed and after a long time the goddesses have unsealed to show their appearance.

What are they trying to tell us?

Age of wind.

The values based on “have” and “do” that have been dominant until now have shifted to “being”.

Or from meaningful to ‘mindful’.

In the situation of hitting the limit and having a question against this competitive world where the purpose is prioritize(goal for goal’s sake) for the better future and postpone ‘now’, the time has come for material values to give up their place to spiritual values.

The goddesses are symbols of peace and harmony free from war and invasions in the time where people had gods on the land ,in the sky and even in the bottom of the water.

Its resurgence means that we have arrived to the resurrection of the power we feel, which is the basis of our spiritual culture: awe, gratitude, and prayer for the spirit of all things.

I am me.
We have long forgotten this simple phrase, have we?

We live our lives as we without a role or being confused by ‘should be’ and ‘have to be’ that others and society desire from us.

It is just to fulfill our precious self made through tremendous circulation of life that we have taken over.

It is certain that only we can live a limited life.

They have a different way of thinking, the country is different, the culture is different, they have different tastes, the color is different, the annual income is different, they have a different educational background, they are of different genders, they have a different family, they have a different title, they are of different ages.

Instead of asking for answers outside, try to find answers inside.

It is an original way of life inherited from the age of the goddess, and a way of life which gives off a new age to live feeling ourselves (existence of life) which gives us the answers to those question.

Kukuri-hime has arrived. Bless your life.