Introduction of work “Kokokara Okami”

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After we completed the work “Toki ha Ima” establishing the “expression that can only be done with Tosaiga” in which the color changes to seven colors depending on the angle of view and the type of light that illuminates the work, we spent 5 years to research and experiment to complete the Tosaiga “Ryuge” and “Kokokara”.
“We succeeded in combining more delicate and vivid colors even more complexly.

Especially, when I was working on the Tosaiga “Kokokara”, I completely devoted myself to expressing the colors of fresh young leaves and shoots.

I wanted to express that I am(you are) new myself(yourself) every day and the generous will to grow from here any the time.”
“Kokokara(from here)” has two meanings.
The first is here now as ‘time’.

Life is a series of moments, and you can always live only in the present.

The second is here as a ‘space’.

I can exist only here, where I actually stand at that time.
Well, we’ve always thought it is great thing to have big dreams and hopes.
(I’m sure it is.)
However, behind that wish, it lurks a denial to yourself that you do not want to accept who you are today.

There are more important things than having a dream or hope for the future.

It’s about taking one step forward thinking about “what I can do here and now”.

In addition, I think it is important to think “how to improve my present self”.

It is only when you seriously accept that you are “here” that the future opens up “from here” ahead.

If we live a way of life that is devoted to “from here”, we will be able to go further than the dreams and hopes we had.

The first step from here is always simple and concrete.

Either you walk to the other side of the earth or walk to a nearby store, the very first one step is the same.

Understand what you need to do here and now, and do what you can with care.

There exist no worries and no failures, only a sense of fulfillment.

As an artist, I would be happy if you could sympathize such a thought.


April 24, 2021 Latest embossed lithograph “Kokokara” has come!
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