In the production of the latest reproduction picture “Embossed lithograph”


How close can we get to the original Tosaiga… can you reproduce the brilliance of the Tosaiga?

At Kusaba Kazuhisa Studio, we produced a hand-printed reproduction “Sirukure” that enbodies the three-dimensional effect and precision of Tosaiga, and as a new challenge, we combined three techniques such as “digital lithograph”, “embossing and raising”, and “hologram” while taking into view the characteristics of each work, and we worked on the renewal of “Embossed lithograph” as a reproduction with a high degree of perfection.

Needless to say, we make Tosaiga work all by hand.

The surface of the work is repeatedly kilned (fired) while layering glazes (pottery paints), so the raised surface creates shades like embossing, creating a mystical glow.

You will feel as if the motif would come out.

More than ten times of kilning (firing) is required to finish one work.

It takes a lot of time and effort, and even the mood of the fire and the contingency that we call “fate” affect the finish.

Of course, the long process makes them “real”, but we repeated try and error to complete the reproduction “Embossed lithograph” that embodies the three-dimensionality and precision so that people can enjoy Tosaiga more easily.

This time, we have succeeded in reproducing it closer to the original picture, and it has been well received to the benefit.

The advancement of computer technology is remarkable, but in this challenge, I realized that computer manufacturing requires more ideas, sensibilities, and details than “handmade” and “manual labor”.

The process requires as much time and impatience as to complete one Tosaiga work as a result.

For example, color adjustment of “digital lithograph” was extremely difficult, and it spent a lot of time on research and prototyping.

The impression of “hologram” shining in seven colors also changes greatly depending on the shape of the print surface, area, width of the line, etc.

“Embossing and raising” technology also requires a fine sense of the surface and height for raising.

The work through trial and error frankly exceeded my imagination.

The miraculous brilliance of Tosaiga and the seven colors which only Tosaiga in pottery world has succeeded, were successfully reproduced.

I would like to introduce it with confidence that a good piece has been born.

It is a work that I put the soul as much as Tosaiga.
Just like Tosaiga, it is a finish full of the trembling beauty and power of soul.
Please look forward to it.


March 10, 2021 Latest embossed lithograph [Seoritsu-hime] has come!
Please enjoy the beauty of Seoritsu-hime and the shine of the dragon that changes to seven colors! !

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