Introduction of work “Dainichi Nyorai”

category:Works and Goods

There is a word,
“Daido Mmon”

If you look at the letters, you will see what it means vaguely;
There is no gate on the big road. It is opened.

The road (to enlightenment ?or can be the road to happiness ) has no gate, so you can freely enter from anywhere.
It also means that going down a certain path will not necessarily lead you to enlightenment or happiness.

Then, why does it feel so crippled even though the gate is always open?
Rather… if there is a certain wall, you can aim to climb there, but there is no landmark (gate).

Yes, the gate is not seen outside, but it is in yourself.
Eachof us have it in our heart.
So it’s like a paradoxical teaching that you can enter from anywhere any time.

It is absolute freedom within you, and you will be disappointed if you seek freedom outside of you.

The serious problems were created because we kept looking into outside not inside of us.

And although we were born to see and feel different thigs each other, we try to establish a “gate” based on our own experience, so there appear conflict, loneliness, and troubles.

Each one of us have a gate of freedom within ouselves.
All you need to do is to move toward there.

Tosaiga artist Kazuhisa Kusaba