Introduction of work “Takusareshi Ryu”

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The Tosaiga “Takesareshi(entrusted) Ryu(dragon)”, which was released in spring 2020, was suitable for the season of farewells and new starts. (In Japan, spring is the season of graduations and new starts)

The young dragon stares straight ahead with his sharp eyes, put his strength into the legs, and accumulates it by bending his perfect beautiful body and is now jumping.

He had been protected and led by his parents until then, and he has reached the time of his journey.

His future will not only be calm and gentle as you can not see the bottom of the water clearly.

Still, what dwells in his eyes is not anxiety or fear, but a determination and a sense of mission, and an uplifting feeling towards the outside world that have not yet to be seen.

This young majestic dragon is “you”.
“To be entrusted” does not mean to follow other people’s instruction to perform the duty.

It is to inherit all discretion with responsibility, that is, the entrusted “you” choose and create a way by yourself .

“You” have inherited a continuous life from ancestor.

This life was entrusted from a lot of animals and plants which became sustenance, and now you live.

In addition, you have inherited the history created by ancestor and live with entrusted society and organization while receiving various benefits from them. ”
“If entrusted, all you need to do is take it firmly with your heart and soul, enjoy it to the fullest, and choose the ideal way of how they be.

The dragon is a symbol of those who live powerfully and freely.

To take what you are entrusted with, understand its splendor, and live at will without fear or pressure.

It comes true immediately if you desire and commit.

The artist put his wish in this work that you will yearn for the dragon because “you” can become one of them by just changing how your mind thinks.

Hold your head high and have hope and faith in you, without any fear even if you reverence.
The figure of “you” who have committed is “Takusareshi (entrusted) Ryu(dragon)”.

At the same time, this work is also given to “you” that ‘entrust’.
The first thing that we, the Kusaba studio staffs, associates from the word “entrust” is the kilning, which is an important process in Tosaga.

No matter how much soul you put in drawing, calculate them precisely according to the composition of the minerals, and adjust the amount of water and the firing temperature, once you put it in the kiln, there is nothing that the artist(human) can do.

Through the process of literally “entrusting it to fire”, Kusaba, the artist has learned to abandon his obsession, let go of everything, and rather be free and gain everything.
To understand what you can do and complete your part solemnly in your province, and even to trust your successor and let go without any doubt or upsetting in vain when you encounter something you are not capable of.

We believe that “there is no muddiness after a water bird flew off the waterfront” (Japanese proverb often used to suggest a person to keep a place clean when he/she leaves after staying there) means not only that it leaves without dirt and nail marks when flying off, but also that it refers to the reflection of the heart which determines the time to go and flies off without regret.

“I have to do this” or “it has to be me to do it”, the feeling that seems to be the strength of responsibility at first sight, not only pushes you into anxiety if you go too far, but also crushes young buds.

There is no need to worry too much.

A child who once you hold the hand, a child who had worried you with unstable steps, and an apprentice who seemed to make mistakes all the time, they all are now the dragons ready to be entrusted.
Even though they might make mistakes, they can handle themselves.
Trust the young dragon standing in front of you and leave it to him with a peaceful mind.
The Tosaiga “Takusareshi Ryu” is the culmination of the works of dragon that the artist Kusaba had pursued for many years.

A fine and firm beard and mane, glossy scales that are shaded one by one and the color looks blue, green or pinkish purple depending on the angle, sharp nails that shine brightly and the eyes that glow blue.

He have achieved this way of expressing “youth” because he have been drawing dragons many times.
When you face the work in a dim place, the dragon’s body emits pale phosphorescent as if it were overflowing with hidden energy in the background of Imagine Blue, which can be said to be the signature color of the studio.

“Takusareshi Ryu” is so powerful because of the delicate brushstrokes that have fully demonstrated their efforts so far.
We hope that this work will be a blessing for the future for you.

May the entrusted ‘you’ proceed with determination at will.
May ‘you’ entrust with dignity and calmness.

Kusaba Kazuhisa Studio