Remote purchase consultation is being accepted at Saga Kusaba Kzuhisa Studio!

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For those who are difficult to visit and who are considering about purchasing works, we provide remote purchase consultation services using LINE video calls.

Just like when you visit Kusaba Kzuhisa Studio Saga Gallery, our dedicated staff will explain about Tosaiga and reproductions.

“I want to listen to the explanation while looking at the real thing ”
“I want a work, but I want to know the difference between the original painting (Tosaiga) and the reproduction painting. ”

If you feel that way, please feel free to contact us by phone or e-mail.

It is a quite popular service and we often hear from those who actually experienced it saying, “I can see the stereoscopic effect and shine of Tosaiga, and it is very beautiful!”.

The service takes one hour at the longest. Please make a reservation in advance.

We look forward to your reservations and inquiries.

–For reservations and inquiries, please contact us at the following —
┗ Tel: 0954-45-3450
┗ Email: contact@kusaba-kazuhisa.com
*Please let us know your desired date and time when you contact us.

【Kusaba Hisakazu Studio LINE Official Account】
・ Please search for “@482bnohk” on the LINE app.
・ You can add friends directly from the following URL. URL→https://lin.ee/vwE72il