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Official Account provides the latest information on the workshop and deals on online shops.

In addition, we provide a remote purchase consultation service using LINE video calls in response to the voice from those who have difficulty visiting Saga gallery and those who are considering the purchase a work.

Just like when you visit the museum, our dedicated staff will explain Tosaiga and reproductions.


If you add us as friend, we will give you a special screen image limited to LINE official account.

After adding as new friend, read the QR image we have in our store to get points!
Depending on your points, we offer the following benefits!

★ 4 points… Free admission!
★ 8 points…Free admission+ 1000 yen ticket (valid only for gallery).

* Not valid in online shops.
* Line Official Account is an automatic response, so we do not respond individually. Thank you for your understanding.

Please add us as friend!


【How to add and register friends】

Please search for “@482bnohk” on the LINE app.
※ It is also possible to add from the QR code of the above image.

In addition, you can add friends directly from the following URL.



■To make a reservation for your visit to Saga Gallery, please contact us at
┗ 0954-45-3450

Venue: Kusaba Kazuhisa Studio 10088-2 Chokai, Yamauchi-cho, Takeo City, Saga Prefecture

– – – – –
In order to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection, the restriction of reservations, opening date, etc. may change.
Please check the following link for the opening schedule.

* Please note that time may overlap with other customers before and after the reservation time.