Through Tosaiga ceramic painting, I learned how to “entrust”. In the final stage of the process, I must place my trust in the kiln fire. Even though it is my work, I cannot control it. I cannot control it, so there is no point in obsessing over it. I have no choice but to entrust it to the fire. Although it is a world into which I breathed life, eventually I have to entrust = release it. “Freedom” also implies letting go.
Even if it is not something you desired to realize, if nothing is desired nothing will be realized. It is not something you can accomplish by praying, but at the end of a prayer a bright sparkle and shine will appear. The work of the fire can never be duplicated.

Why make it?

Art is a world in which there is no completion or perfection. The sun shining golden as it sets over the ocean. That divineness can be called perfection. However, that made by human hands is not perfect. Devotion may be the only way to approach perfection to even the slightest degree. I am devoted to creating works that make viewers feel joy. I would be pleased if it contributes at all to their power to live.


What an “adult” should look like.

The world is full of “doubts” and “suspicions”. Adults who are supposed to be models for children speak and act in an absurd manner. I feel the extreme fatigue of society.
Modern people have leaned too much toward knowledge and placed too much importance on what is visible. They have lost their balance.
There is an expression in Buddhism, “to listen with your eyes, to see with your ears”. That would mean you cannot understand a voice you hear unless you see its bottom, and you cannot understand that which you see unless you hear its voice. Forget yourself and become one with the other person, or accept them as if they were yourself. It expresses the image of mercy and love, and acceptance with one’s whole heart and soul rather than superficially.
The same is also true of human sensitivity. Sensitivity is accepting with the whole body, not just with individual organs. The visible world is actually miniscule compared to that which is inside us. The fact of our existence is already a complete miracle.
Children will nurture their dreams with “admiration” as the seeds. I would like to become one with what I admire. If you admire a rock, you will become a rock. If you admire the Buddha, you will become the Buddha. As an adult worthy of becoming the subject of such admiration, I would like to convey how rich and boundless the human heart (sensitivity) is through my work.

what is TOSAIGA


Imagine Blue, A Quest for Blue

Its origin is the world of “blue” that I have named Imagine Blue.
Blue is the base color in white porcelain with underglaze blue designs, but its refined simplicity brings out a distinct flavor. Artists from outside the world of pottery as well have always been attracted to the color blue, born from the sea and sky. Blue is eternal, blue is life. It is mystery, memory and awakening... Guided by blue, my longing for a hitherto unseen blue became a passion, which developed into techniques and skill.


An Art Experience from Inside the Heart

To experience a trembling of the soul. I think it is my duty to make people feel something is “beautiful” as an honest emotion. A lot of art aims to inspire hope and encouragement to live for the people who see it and come in contact with it.
Tosaiga ceramic paintings in particular, with their compassionate worlds of the Bodhisattva and Kannon the Goddess of Mercy, worlds overflowing with the powerful dynamism of dragons and phoenixes, and worlds of mythology, have their own view of the world. By creating them in ceramic they generate a brilliance that has been called a “radiant wonder”. This radiance has the power to resonate with the desire to open human conscience and enlightenment.


As Hospital Art

In the West, art has long been considered effective for healing. It is a widely accepted idea even in the field of medicine that life forms have self- (natural) healing power.
When, then, is this life force enhanced? It is when positive emotions emerge, such as when you are moved after being exposed to something beautiful or feel grateful to be alive.
Even in suffering, positive emotions well up. It is especially in sorrow that people seek light. It is also my mission to produce works that draw out those natural emotions from deep within people’s hearts and speak deeply to their souls.
All the while I pray that the light of Tosaiga ceramic painting will be the manifestation of the power to live.