About Tosaiga



TOSAIGA POTTERY is a complete original ART, which is valued from many people from many countries, today.
Using the techniques of ARITA POTTERY, and adding the special tips Kazuhisa created after more than 10 years of studying and experimenting. 
Painting on a white canvas, putting in the kiln, then paint again, and then bake again…..Repeating after about 15times, the painting is finally done.  Gaining the perfect colors and touch not only takes a lot of time and effort.  The precise tempreture and the timing is required.  From the time Kazuhisa starts working, there isn’t a single minute he can relax until it’s all done.
Painting bit, Kazuhisa is in control.  But while baking, it’s the kiln and in God’s hands…
Never ever, the same creation is done!



The beautiful sunset and a rainbow always is a symbol of a glimpse to tomorrow’s hope.  The tightly shut heart loosens and opens up even for a small amount of time.  Though when you going through a hard time of life, you could feel the happiness of being  ALIVE when you see something beautiful.  ART has the power to help bring such happiness. 
シューマンsays , “To bring light to the bottom of the heart is the mission of an artist.
ローマンロランsays, “If there is no sun, create one.”
TOSAIGA pottery is the light itself.
If this fine art could bring you a ray of light, hope and happiness…..



From BOSATSU- a Boddhisattva and KANNON- the Goddess of Mercy to Dragon and phoenix….Tosaiga pottery brings you the affection of love and the lively phoenix with the power of colorful painting.
By becoming a pottery, miracle occurs.
Like “JEWELRY” TOsaiga is highly valued.